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all kinds of strange things

the count for the rock

the rock name is “white hair”,it have core price
this rock have bizarrerie color and overgrow with white careless, it like to old man hair.
According to intro, this “white hair” is because have one halobios live in aquosity land, and this halobios cling to the rock. By hunders of millions since, they are finally become to frank canal and invertevrate fossil.
And this rock have high price in art evaluate: Crore RMB ( http://www.sina.com.cn/ 29/04/07)


the Chinese tension

This is angst age, have tension will feel accumulate,but have not tension will feel devilishness. Everybody has automatic “succeed” concept influence by collecticity. In this community, develop opportunity well up, everyone hard to fending, induce they are job, compete and sensibility have overdraft, study and obtain employment, job and family can’t equipoise. on account of mentality have not voidance, result in spirituality ill and mentality unbalance with sociality. The economy of Chinese is change planned economy to social democracy market economy now, have more and more people take a risk of rich from country go to city. When China get to “can’t sleep” in the GDP of rise. We are much analyse and change this life style now.


investigate flameout protector

Introduction of flameout protector

When we use the cook top, the fire may be extinct because of the wind or overflowing water. In this case, the protector may cut off gas to prevent some accidents happening because of its leakage, such as poisoning, explosion or fire. In this way, it realizes its safety protection function.
The first step: Piezoelectricity
The second step: Valve-open condition
The third step: Cut off gas in sudden flameout condition

1. Thermocouple
1) There mustn’t be any damage or peeling off for the cover of insulation wire or insulation sleeve, otherwise it will cause short circuit, which will influence the normal operation of the valve.
2) The fix-up of the thermocouple must dissipate heat to reduce the heat accumulation of fixing board and thermocouple copper. This can shorten the valve-closing time when there is sudden flameout.
3) The heated part of a thermocouple must be on the top of 2-3mm. Not to put the top into the fire, otherwise it may reduce the potential and shorten its life.

2. Solenoid valve
1) Prevent the valve from being strongly striken in the process of installation and shipment, otherwise it may influence its normal performance.
2) Before installation, the user must check the valve flatly on the test clamps with some prepressing. It is not allowed to be freely-flip. This assures that magnetic material won’t be damaged by colliding, otherwise it will influence the magnetic force.
3) Clean the impurity such as aluminum or oil left on the inner wall of the stove and the surface of the valve.
4) Keep the good connection of the solenoid valve and thermocouple. Prevent the safety protection device from operating abnormally because of too big contact resistance.The warehouse of solenoid valves must be dry and ventilated and strictly prohibit extrusion.


the life

These people exist in the world, and each one faces, every gesture is full of life's pursuits


Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the Chinese sports delegation etiquette equipment Design Competition" rejuvenation of Han Chinese clothing voice escalating in China, Last month alone more than 100 scholars advocate Han Chinese clothing as the 2008 Beijing Olympics the Chinese delegation ceremonial attire However, their aspirations dashed. Official position will not be used for the first time Han Chinese clothing, and refers to the Olympic dress design concepts, and will include historical elements, modern and innovative concept of the future, the main color is red-yellow coloration, we can also consider Xiangyun, Lotus, and other popular motifs in ancient China.

excerpt "love"

Love is Mom's kiss and Dad's pat. 、Love is sweet roses to a lover and tender caresses to a child. Love is the tree of friendship.  Love is mutual understanding and support.  Love is forgiveness and sacrifice.  Love is the never-setting sun in the sky.  Love is the spring of the inspiration.Love is a panacea that cures spiritual wounds. Love is the candle in the dark and the fireplace against the cold. Love is a key to open the door of a closed heart. Love is an oasis on a boundless desert which gives a tired walker strength and hope. Love is a harbor in a turbulent sea which makes a weary seaman safe and sound.  Love is balmy wind that soothes pain and anxiety from the tempests of the life. Love is the teacher's persistence in giving lectures when he is ill. Love is passing a cup of tea to teachers during the break. Love is sending postcards to parents on their birthdays. Love is a kind of subtle and precious sensation among human beings. Love is all!


Women's pen

woman charming is smile, potent weapon is tears.
Know how to dress is beautiful women, the women know how to love is valuable.
Women have Knowledge is winningness, talented women other men shame.
When the women encountered bad,
they most likely the most useful weapons are what?
Is a smile? Be tears?
No,Lane is on the bag of pen!
On that day, I encountered the suspected bad guys, I worried that hurt me. At this time I did not what weapons, found himself engaged in hand-held only a pen. So, I get stronger and tightly holding pens, ready engaged. . . A single minute has passed, it seems personal feeling worse, and finally left.

In the midst of adversity, we can only rely on its own strength to stand up, we need to not only weapons, is courage!


the manpower drive...



"wan kui yuan"

small cherry blossom

this feel...

apple girl

the dream fly...



Never Grow Old

I had a dream
In this dream it seems
It was my perfect day
Open my eyes
I realize this is my perfect day
Hope you never grow old
Do ...

Birds in the sky
They look so high
This is my perfect day
I feel the breeze
I feel ...
This is my perfect day
Hope you never grow old

Forever young
I hope you stay forever young


so long

I never thought that it would be

forever, I never knew that we must pass

go alone,to be afraid,

is not the way,together we belong,

it seems to me, a little black ahead…

I had to be, that someone else,

for so long,

I couldn't see, the tragedy,

in stored for me,don't be afraid,

get up and say,together we are one,it seems to me,

a little step, ahead…so long,

i've been waiting for this moment,waiting for your love,for so long,

i've been waiting here in transit,

waiting hanging on…so long…I used to dream that we could be,

together,a funny scene, in a comedy,

co-starring me,don't be afraid, stand up and say,

together we are strong,it seems to me, a little light ahead…


The Internet in E-commerce: Inventory planning and order management

This article explains what order tracking and inventory management can do for any business that indulges in e-commerce. We've assumed that you've made the decisions about how many plants and warehouses you own, whether you need to stock inventory and if so, at how many locations and what distribution channels.Most of the time the job of forecasting demand and replenishing inventory to suit the demand is not accomplished in a manner that is useful. We'll tell you how to collaborate over the Internet on order management, inventory management, and demand forecasting, production scheduling and transportation. We'll describe how through collaborative planning on the Internet, consumer behavior can be communicated throughout the organization.


If you like it, so you can use it.

I make one blog in google.com. in use the blog, have some difficulty!
How to use the blog? How to design the blog?
I think, this job is very difficulty. Because the blog language is English. I write English not so good. So although my blog is not prettiness, but this one have more painstaking effort with me.I use some picture in it, and design color in character. The last is increase accessing, use NET to issuance.
If you like it, so you can use it.



Girls is angels of you, their smile is always beautiful.
Maybe she is not beautiful, but she is virtuous and never refuse to help others.
Maybe she unloveliness, but she has a pair of dexterous hands, have a beautiful ring.
Maybe she is very banality, but her smile use other people feel cheerful.
Perhaps. . . Perhaps. . .
every one of our girls are angels. I love this beautiful angel, the more love you have these characteristics. . . I hope you will always happy


Improve the efficiency of class how to use Blog?

Blog popular in the world, some teachers had use the blog in the class.how to improve the learning efficiency in blog?
I think, if use the blog in class, they are must consider the content whether suit the student and abundance. some time, the sudent will talk about, why this blog have not I need? Excuse is very briefness! The general website can not satisfy the students demand.

sweet day

sweet day